Pcbnew, the board file can’t be loaded!? (parse error)

hello every one;
can you-please- help me to solve this problem;
i have a problem with pcbnew, the board file can’t be loaded!? it shows me the following error mesage:

expecting “’(’” in input/source
“C:\Users\choud\Google Drive\uc_based_dimmer\Light Dimmer Projectv3\Three_phase_Dimmer_PCB_kicad\Three_phase_Dimmer_PCB_kicad_v2.kicad_pcb” line 2, offset 1
thans in advance.

KiCad’s files are readable ascii, and the PCB is built upon S-expressions, which makes parentheses pretty important.

I recommend to first compress the the whole directory into a zip, and then open the PCB in a text editor, to see what line 2 looks like. It may be simple to fix this way, even though that does not fix the origin of your problem. (I’m seeing more posts with corrupted files lately…)

The first part of one of my PCB’s look like:

(kicad_pcb (version 20171130) (host pcbnew 5.1.0+dfsg1-1)

(thickness 1.6)
(drawings 24)
(tracks 1067)
(zones 0)
(modules 102)
(nets 174)

(page A4)
(title DCX_digitaal)
(date 2017-07-31)

(0 F.Cu signal)
(31 B.Cu signal)
(32 B.Adhes user)
(33 F.Adhes user)
(34 B.Paste user hide)
(35 F.Paste user hide)

thank you very much for your help;
i tried to edit the board file with a text editor but the txt file was empty (without any word except spaces).

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