PcbNew should display error message when failing to initialize plugin

Hi there,
the action plugin feature in PcbNew is great, I have but one
issue: If there is a bug in a plugin during plugin registration,
e.g., an “import” statement of the plugin fails, there is no

Ideally, there should be an error message if a plugin cannot
be registered properly, instead of failing quietly.

Best regards,

PS: I’m currently using 6.0.4 from Bullseye backports.

IIRC Preferences → PCB Editor → Action Plugins shows an error icon if there’s a loading problem. You would see error messages by clicking it. But I don’t have an erroneous testing plugin ATM, so I’m not sure.

That’s correct. It will show full stack trace of any errors.

Thank you very much! I had not noticed the button at the bottom of the
Action Plugins dialog. This is perfectly fine for checking your plugin during

Not everyone who uses plugins will remember to bring up the Preferences
to check for errors if their accustomed keyboard shortcut fails to work.
The scenario could be a system update changing some Python library
which breaks a plugin.
Basically, I think the user should get a heads-up if there is an issue with their program, just like PcbNew will report issues with the layout if it finds any.

For the time being, I will spread the word among my colleagues. Thanks again!