Pcbnew python script of controlling ratsnet

I wounder if current 5.x allow python script (or internal c++ design) way to control how rastnet been draw? Like what if I want a curve instead of a straight line? or a Manhattan style etc…

Is any one know?

Currently this is not possible.

As currently python documentation is not available from kicad.org, the documentation is available here.

Curved ratsnest lines and classes with different colors etc. will be there for 6.0. Someone has already written the c++ code for curved lines, but it will be integrated only after 5.1 release.

For Ratsnet, I don’t need curve lines - I’m just over stated to see how flexible to accessible the ratsnet is. The most likely I’m looking for is if the script can control ratsnet like instead of one straight line, can it bend by using multiple of straight lines. How close we can have that capability.

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