PCBNew Playing Up?

I seem to be having a bad day. PCBNew is suddenly not working as it was:

  1. Clicking on any object does not highlight the object as it used to do. In the screenshot below, the pad is selected but it is not highlighted.
  2. I am now having to double-click on a pad in order to finish routing a track. If I only single-click, the whole net unravels.
  3. When I start routing a net, the track shows in shimmering outline instead of solid.

What’s going on please?

Also, Ctrl-T (for “Get and Move Footprint”) has stopped working. It does nothing unless the crosshair is on an object in which case it bring up this dialogue box!

Looks like you might have accidentally switched into “Legacy Mode”.

You can change this in the Preferences Menu

Many thanks, that’s what I have un-intentionally done. This plays again to one of my usability gripes with our beloved KiCad! Something so dramatic and disorientating should not be on a regular “F9” key, I would put it on a combination key or do something that at least let you know what you’ve just done - intentionally or not.

The legacy toolkit has been removed altogether from v5.99 (the unstable development version leading to v6).

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Follow the steps below to resolve the issue:
Go to preferences and select the option "Modern Toolset (Accelerated) as shown below.
Today 1

Also, if you are facing any issue related to Hot Keys click on the preferences and click on the button “Set to Defaults” as shown below.

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