PCbnew pads solder mask

Hello Sir,
I am a beginner with this program.
I have a problem with PCbnew.On the solder mask pads on the resistor,as others components,do not appear red filling on the pads. Comparing with other component.


Thank you for understanding,

You have the outline mode active. See left toolbar.

You might generally be interested in Tutorial: Introduction to PCB design with KiCad version 5.1 (Getting Started)

Thank you for feedback.Can you explain which is the path to reach there?

There is no path. The left toolbar has the buttons. Alternatively they are found in the view menu.

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The “left toolbar”, the vertical toolbar at the left side of the view.

If you are just learning KiCad, it pays back to go through all the menus and toolbar items one by one and think for a while what they do. The toolbar buttons have tooltips. Reading the official documentation may also help, but it may be out of date. Personally I try to learn programs by going through the interface and guessing and trying - the only documentation I read for learning KiCad was part of the Getting Started document. The rest comes by experimenting, following the forum discussions and answering questions there etc. (Yes, really answering - asking isn’t half as effective for learning than trying to find answers for other people’s questions!)

The FAQ articles, including the one Rene pointed to, are mostly up to date and worth looking at.


Thank you very much for helping,I have found that option.

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