pcbnew.PAD GetPos0 deprecated in 8

Hi Gang,

With KiCad 7, I was able to use pcbnew.PAD GetPos0 to give me the relative position of a pad compared to the origin of the footprint. This was very handy for figuring out component rotations for pick-and-place. But, it is deprecated in KiCad 8…

Is there a direct equivalent for GetPos0 in KiCad 8?

More generally, is there a list of functions which are deprecated in 8 and what their replacements are?


Ah. GetFPRelativePosition gets me what I need. But I only found it by searching the source code. It is missing from KiCad Pcbnew Python Scripting: pcbnew.PAD Class Reference . Looks like doxygen missed it?

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It’s there, it’s inherited from BOARD_ITEM.

Understood - thanks!