Pcbnew not showing...anything?

Just updated to 5.1.9 tonight and now pcbnew isn’t displaying anything (not even black) regardless of file. I’ve been through all the view settings I can think of but I can’t figure it out, even though 3d viewer etc works fine with existing files. Anyone have any tips?

Might need to reset your canvas.
Preferences Menu -> Modern Toolset (Accelerated).
Otherwise, you can reset your Preferences by quitting kica d and deleting ~/Library/Preferences/kicad/pcbnew. It will be regenerated on the next run but your Preferences will be lost. Another user reported something similar recently. Might be worth a bug report if it works an you keep a copy of the old preferences.

Perfect–it was in fact the Preferences Menu -> Modern Toolset (Accelerated) option that needed resetting. Thank you!

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