PCBnew not seeing components after read netlist

After loading the netlist for my current project, I don’t see any components. There were no errors in reading the netlist and I could see that the netlist info contained the correct footprints.

I’m currently on a Macbook Pro running OSX Mojave.

What KiCad version do you have?

At least with some recent nightly builds KiCad has had an annoying habit of placing the components initially far from the mouse cursor. Zoom out as far as you can to see if the components have been dropped somewhere.


5.01-3 for OSX. I’ve noticed that issue of weird placement too.

For posting version info, you can copy & paste from:
Eeschema / help / about KiCad / [Copy Version Info]

I have not worked with KiCad 5 much, but there is a new way of communication between Eeschema and Pcbnew.

If you press [F8] in Eeschema, it opens (or switches to) Pcbnew, with the updated/ new schematic symbols attached to your cursor. No need anymore to export & import the netlist as a separate process.

Ok, so I switched to My Fedora machine. version 5.0.2 seems to be working fine.

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