PcbNew: New way of Copy - Paste in v5.99

Post, regarding this issue

v5.1 had this convenient (imo) algorithm for copy - pasting elements on PCB:

  1. Select object to be copied;
  2. CTRL + C -> Click on a reference point to be copied from, anywhere on the canvas;
  3. CTRL + V -> Paste with exact reference position as copied (available offset from mouse pointer).

This algorithm is changed in recent v5.99 releases to:

  1. Select object to be copied;
  2. CTRL + C (mouse pointer anywhere on the canvas). object is instantly copied;
  3. CTRL + V. Copied object is pasted strictly under mouse cursor, with reference position chosen to some hotspot of the element - line center or some line end for line object as an example.

I think this is a time wasting regression from a users perspective, such a change should be done configurable via preferences.
It was very convenient to choose any reference point before copying, instead of forced reference to object hotspots. I used this a lot when pasting V-Cut lines in panelization drawings.

What does the community think?

Edit: Writing this post because I would like to rise an issue on gitlab, but I am not sure, maybe I am a single user who liked old approach?

I haven’t tried 5.99, but from your description I prefer to leave it as it is in 5.1.x. When copy pasting big objects (zones) that you want to position them precisely I usually put a reference point on the edge. This made the positioning of pasted item easy.

I use this quite a lot for zones, but as in 5.99 zones can be on multiple layers, I imagine that I will not need/miss this is as much.

But I agree the 5.1.x way of doing it can be much more precise for big objects, when pasting it with high zoom level (only part of the object in viewport)

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I agree, we should have both options possible.

By the way, for the Move tool, it was the opposite: you used to be able to not pick a reference point to start a move. There is now a Move with Reference action, but it’s not tied to a hotkey by default. If you (like me) always like picking the reference first, you can reassign the Move hotkey to Move with Reference.

I have been using 5.99 for months, and this seems like one of those many small variations which probably blew past me. I tend to be inconsistent in establishing reference points on symbols and footprints, and the position needs to be adjusted after initial placement anyway. More than anything what I like about 5.99 is that schematic items selected for move or delete etc. are visually highlighted. The version I am using right now is not so buggy and has crashed only once in a few months of use.

Perhaps my biggest wish is that schematic wires would not “push” in the drag process but rather would be completely controlled by the movement of selected junctions. ExpressPCB is a primitive program which works this way, and I find this to be a very good method.

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