PCBnew Modern Toolset Appearance Settings

Recently updated to 5.0.2 from 4.0.7, and loving the feature additions but the main issue I have is the apperance of pads/through-holes being too busy compared to the legacy toolset.

I normally have through-holes not shown(so they show as black with the outlines for clearance) but they are now solid yellow with magenta outlines and now the pads have a filled outline around them (to represent clearance I assume).

Is there any way to change this? I much prefer the look of legacy as it is less busy and easier to see what I need to rather than have dense pin components be a hot mess of color that is distracting. And obviously I don’t want to use the legacy toolset to give up some of the many benefits of the modern toolset, and switching back and forth isn’t a solution either.

Any information is appreciated, even if it means there is no way to change it…

Colors are controlled directly in the layer manager (middle or double left click onto the colored squares)
the clearance ring can be turned of in the view settings (preferences -> display options in v5. in current nightly it is under preferences -> preferences -> pcb_new -> display options)


That works, I was trying to go through and change colors before but I guess I was missing a few that weren’t annoyingly “loud” colors before.

Will this be a global change or just a project level change? I don’t want to have to change every time I create a project.

Thank you for the help!

This change is global. In your users config directory there is a file called pcbnew that holds these settings.

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