PCBNew - missing B.Layers except B.CU (solved)

As the title is already mentioning the problem beside some additional information’s

I’m using Win 7 (32Bit) and the latest German KiCad version 4.0.5

I’m actually working on a small project and during the PCB creation cycle I figured that all B.layers, except the B.CU layer, are missing at the Layer manager view. I’m not sure what’s going wrong here, nor do I know how to get them back. So any help in getting the missing layers would be great.

P.S. in another project I’m working on, all layers are available.

Kind regards from Germany

Look under “design rules”->“layer setup”.
There you can select which layers exist in your project.

It looks like you selected the pre existing configuration 2 (or 4) layers parts on front only.

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Thanks Rene,

that was the missing info… indeed… by any reason they where unselected.

Great help… have a nice weekend.

Kind regards