Pcbnew kicad 6 multiple moving bug

On kicad v6.x all series when i move multiple footprins part, every footprint’s cordinates change. Why? Is this bug?
Actually i place footprints after dot 0.00, 0.25, 0.50 and 0.75 mm cordinates sensibility. But for example after multiple moving i see after dot .6 mm etc.

see video;
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Indeed, if you move a footprint, then it’s coordinates change.
if you move multiple footprints, then the coordinates of all of them change. :slight_smile:

During a normal move, the endpoint of a move is by default (can be suppressed) on the grid.
The origin point of the move is usually a snap point. Those snap points can be the center point of a pad, or the center point of a footprint.

In your video you used pad 2 of R59 as as the start point of the move, and the result is that the center of the pad is on the grid at the end of the move. The properties of the footprints show the center points of the footprints.

If your footprints themselves are already on the grid, and you want to keep the footprints themselves on the grid, then make sure that your mouse cursor is close to the center point of one of the footprints in the block before you start a move operation.

---- 8<------ 8<------ 8<------ 8<------ 8<------ 8<–
One more thing to be concious of:
The end point of a move does not always have to be a grid point, but it can also be a snap point, such as the end point of a graphical line. In KiCad the origin point of a move is also added to the list of snap points, and this makes it very difficult to move a part that is almost on the grid, to the nearest grid point. Personally I find this a very annoying anti-feature. My solution is to do the move in two steps. I first move the thing to some arbitrary positon, and then move it back, but to the right location.

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