PCBNEW improvement

In the next version, is it possible to add a button in PCBNEW which selects or deselects all the layers?

I hope the autorouter will come back …

Thanks for the work.

Have you tried right clicking in the “Layers Manager” section?
This brings up a menu with which you can show or hide multiple layers.

And it has already been improved in the nightly 5.99 version.

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There’s also the plugin LayerViewSet which allows a lot of flexibility in setting layers’ visibility.

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As paul suggested, right click in the “Layers Manager” panel, “what is that?” you ask ?

Oh great I discover this function. I was thinking to a buton just before all layers selection accessible without a right click and a lot of choices.

I think the autorouter is unlikely to return. There was a very unsatisfactory autorouter in the early 4.x versions of KiCad and a button which launched an external version of Freerouting. The inbuilt autorouter was removed a long time ago and the button was more recently replaced with ‘Export to .dsn’ (and import back again) so there is nothing to stop you using an external autorouter right now.
Most people who used supporters tended to use the free Freerouting java app. There was a complex legal case around the software and it wasn’t maintained for a number of years. I also think, it wouldn’t run on modern java implementations so, unsurprisingly, it fell rather out of favour. Only recently have a number of new versions been worked on. Other, commercial autorouters are expensive +++.
One of the best features of KiCad is the push and shove router which knocks the socks off most autorouters. Unless you spend a long time setting up the autorouter and you have an exceptionally complex board you will get a better and quicker (and more satisfying) result by hand. Give it a try and i think you probably won’t go back to autorouting.

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