PCBNew How to trim PCB's Edge Cuts?

I need to trim the big circular PCB in the points highlighted by the red segments.
How can I do it please?

Are you trying to make a semicircular notch in the outline? I think you have to replace the outer circle with an arc.

@retiredfeline yes right.Just what I’m trying to do.It wa way easier if I could just trim in some way :frowning: I will redo everything then

I think you’ll find that it doesn’t take long to delete the circle and draw the arc. Unfortunately there are no subtractive operations on lines.

Something similar happens when adding rounded corners, the old edge lines have to be shortened to meet the corner arc at a tangent.

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It helps a bit if you draw the arc before you delete the circle, because the first (center) point of the arc snaps to the center of the circle. They’re also drawn counter clockwise from the second to the third point. You can drag their control points later and snap them to other items. Overall it’s pretty simple and quick.

But it is true that KiCad’s mechanical CAD capabilities are quite limited. If forms become more complicated, it’s better to design them in a mechanical CAD program, then export as DXF and import that in KiCad.

Probably the easiest way is to define what you need in external tool and import it into KiCad. I have tried it once (with LibreCAD) and it worked.

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All the above are good but, this link will show how to do it using FreeCAD and then using it in Kicad. It demos doing it for Cutouts/etc but, the first shape is a PCB (the rest are cutouts).

The main benefit is in learning a bit about FreeCAD and being able to make accurate dimensions and making a real Drawing for your reference…

(And, if making a Footprint, Kicad’s Footprint editor has an Import feature in main menu for importing DXF)

@paulvdh yes I followed your suggestion and it made my life easier. I didn’t know I could import DXF.
@Piotr I have LibreCAD. I didn’t know could design up there and import into KiCAD.
@BlackCoffee I do use FreeCAD. TO design components, but also to design mechanical parts and print them out in 3D or send the files and get the CNC parts ready to use.

Great to learn I can eventually design the PCB contour with another more appropriated CAD and import it into an existing project. Tis will help any changes in the future.

I hope I can do the reverse: to export the mech parts from KiCAD. In case of mods to a pre-existing PCB, I can export it, elaborate and reimport it.


I’m trying.
I don’t see DXF here. Not in Import nor in Export

I am at PC without KiCad now. Try to see in Plot. I don’t remember how I imported dxf but it was certainly possible.

For PCB, ‘Import Graphics’ and load the DXF

For Footrpint, ‘Import DXF’

The menu labels aren’t clear but…

You can Export your board/etc (STEP or IDFv3 for clean, hassle-free imports. I prefer IDFv3 (less need to cleanup or hide models)

@BlackCoffee To imagine that I had to go on “import graphics” was not exactly intuitive … Since I expect Import DXF being present Export STEP, Export SVG etc …

@Piotr yes found on PLOT as you said. It’s not the top of the intuitive stuff to put it there :slight_smile: Thanks :wink:

Are you mixing up Import and export?

Also, for “export”, use Pcbnew / File / Plot / Plot format: DXF

FreeCAD also has the “KiCad StepUp” workbench that has quite a lot of functions to exchange data between FreeCAD and KiCad.

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If you understood Export as intention to export whole PCB and Plot as plotting one layer drawing than putting plotting one layer to any format there will become more intuitive.

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