PCBnew: how to detach (move) left toolbar?


II’m using KiCAD on Arch Linux in two machines: in an old Lenovo netbook without display with a external monitor attached (1600x900 resolution), and in a Samsung N-150 netbook (1024x600 resolution).

In my Samsung, due to its WSVGA resolution display, PCBnew left toolbar is partially showed; I’m missing six buttons: four outline mode (lower) buttons, the Show/hide layers manager toolbar (they are very useful for me) , and the microwave toolbar button.

I’ve tried to detach this toolbar from the left side, but apparently it is immovable: wxGTK seems to be less friendly than other GUI frameworks (e.g. Qt).

BTW: Menu toolbar has not all the equivalent functions to these buttons…

Anybody knows how to move the left side toolbar? Any help wil be appreciated.

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The fixed toolbars are a problem, especially when toolbuttons are no where else, a “feature” Wayne demonstrated at his FOSDEM talk.

There is no workaround I know of.


From kicad system requirement page:

Screen resolution of 1024x768 works but, 1280x1024 or higher is recommended, with at least 16K colors (with 1024x768 some buttons may result hidden but corresponding commands should be reachable via menu anyway).

I like the “these should be reachable via menu anyway” attitude.

All below is tested in a 2 year old nightly i run on fedora 24. (Yes i know hoplessly out of date. I don’t have access to my own pc right now.)

The view options you mention are found in the preferences->display dialog.
Show/hide layers manager is directly under the preferences menu.

You will also miss stuff from the right toolbar. (all of that should be found in the “Place” menu.)


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