Pcbnew: hotkey delete full track

KIcad version 5.99 , actual nightly

I’m unsure about the hotkey-function “delete full track”.
This hotkey function is assigned to Shift+Delete (as default).

My understanding was that this hotkey deletes a complete track (either all connected copper or as a variant until the next via/branch). So I select one segment of a track -> shift+del --> only the selected track-segement gets deleted.

I’m unsure if I have missed some auxiliary conditions or I’m using this function wrong or I have misinterpreted the function name.
It would be nice if I could get some confirmation and/or correction before I write a bugreport.
Thanks, MF

If I go the the hotkeys section in the preferences then “Delete Full Track” has the description “Deletes selected item(s) and copper connections” and I’m not sure how to interpret that.

It was not assigned to any key do I assigned it to a key and apparently it just deletes selected items.

On the other hand, how many different ways do you want or need to delete stuff from the PCB?
If I want to delete a part of a net, then I usually first click to select a single segment and then press u one or more times to grow the selection.

I’m ready to believe this is a bug. It seems to delete only the selected segment, but that doesn’t make sense because it can always be deleted with standard Del deletion. I interpret the explanation so that it should delete all vias and tracks directly connected to the selected track segment, stopping to pads and zones. Probably like first clicking U once.

filed bugreport #9385:

Let’s see what the developers say


  • the developers are very fast
  • the function now works like the assumption made by eelik
  • the function works without selected track-element (nothing selected, hover over track, press hotkey)
  • the function works also with selected track-element, even with multiple selected track-segments, even from different nets
  • there is a difference on the handling of via:
  • “delete full track” normally stops at the next via or the next pad or the next airwire. If a track branches in two directions both tracks are deleted.
  • If a Via is seleted at start of “delete full track”-function the track-delete doesn’t stop at vias but goes all the way until the next pad/airwire

Last point:
My old shortcut (Shift+Delete) must be a leftover from old versions. Since some weeks the Shift+Delete-combination is forbidden (and will result in a normal Delete-keypress).
Nowadays Shift is only allowed in combination with standard alphanumeric keys.


Ah, indeed.
But it still took them from 09:49pm to 10:48pm which is is still 49 minutes.
The issue below took 18 minutes between reporting the bug and Fix Committed. This is the fastest one I’ve seen yet :slight_smile:

It’s quite common for small issues to get fixed in less then an hour. Of course this only works with very small issues. Big changes such as the new schematic file format can take months to implement.

Out of curiosity I sorted the “closed issues” by “last updated” and then scrolled back 50 pages, which is 1000 issues,

That goes back to 2021-06-06 which was sunday of week 22, a total of 129 days ago:

7*(40-22) +3 = 129
1000/129 = 7.751 Issues/day.

This is quite impressive, but it may not be completely fair. Apparently issues that were closed long ago (years) appear in that list when they get mentioned in a newer issue (which means the old issue gets an “update”).

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