PcbNew Graphic Polygon vs Graphic Lines

Quick search did not turn up much for me, but I may be behind the times on this question.

In PcbNew the Graphic Lines can be constrained to 45 or 90 degrees but the Graphic Polygon lines do not, with the current settings I’m using.

Have I missed a setting? Is this an upcoming feature?


Seems more an oversight.
The options switch ‘limit graphic lines to 45’ applies to Graphic line segments, but not to poly line segments.

Most users will consider lines, and polylines, both to be Graphic lines, and would expect to be able to control their drawing the same.
Likewise, for the new ‘planned sometime’ polyline entity (distinct from the filled poly that is there now)

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You can press ctrl while drawing the graphic line to constrain it to 45,90 degree angles.


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