Pcbnew footprint library selection

How can I get Pcbnew to prefer components from my own project-local library? I made some project specific tweaks to a few footprints, and I’d like to get Pcbnew to pick them instead of the disto footprints,

Is there any project-specific way to control which libraries are preferred when importing a netlist? Or do I have to go through my schematic and rename the footprint callout everywher?

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Pcbnew ->Preferences, and here Footprint Libraries Wizard and Footprint Libraries Manager.
You can select Global libraries for all your projects or Project specific ones.

I usually work with Project specific libraries, but this is anyone’s choice. I select the library before assigning footprints with CvPcb.

But if you have already read the netlist and you have all the footprints on the board, it is possible to change them. Right-click on a footprint, Footprint Ref on Layer.Cu and at the bottom of the menu, Exchange footprint(s).

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