Pcbnew Error: Unable to create file

Hi, I cannot print my layers. Pcbnew “Error: Unable to create file.” There is not indications of the error . My design has 2 layers; there was no problem. All rooting and surface was as desired. Then, I decided to change some sizes of pads in 2 components. I modified them, created new footprints and assigned to my 2 components. Then, as before, I actualized all. Then this error appeared. Can I have some info about what append, and how to avoid it?
Thank you

Is the problem when printing or for saving changes to the file? (If it is the later then i would guess your operating system does not allow kicad to create the backup files necessary.)

Hi Rene, thank you for your answer.
The problem come only when printing. Just the layer F.Cu and B.Cu.
What is about the operating system, my windows 10? That sound weird.
Is there any way to modify a component footprint at the last end part of the design?
What should I do to respect a good way… No modifications afterward?

Weird… not so much. Even for the first case.

@patatos, what @Rene_Poschl is saying is that Windows 10 is fussy about the location of files. Your project directory has to be somewhere under C:\Users\yourname… and won’t work if your working files are under \Program Files…

Also what KiCad version do you use, V4.0.X and V5 RC are different in behaviour

  • I know nothing about the system working of Windows 10. If you have any informations about this fussy think, I’ll be glade knowing more.
  • 4.0.6

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