PCBNew: DRC fake errors and warnings?

You want to use the coarsest grid that your coordinates lie on. Easier to snap to the nearest mm than the nearest nm.

I was constrained simply because there is not any other choice to get it done since I imported on 7.0.0 …

Do you know how I did solve it now? Just remaking from scratch the contour of the PCB … nice way :-/

@tormyvancool : it will not help you, but on my system the snapping works. So it’s not a general thing, maybe really some setting (I also only know the Preferences–>PCB-editor–>Editing–>Snap to graphics == always)?

  • for the first picture: try reducing the line-width, for thick lines the snapping-circle can be overseen (especially on edge-layer, because edge-layer-color is similar to snapping-circle color). Alternatively zoom out the board-view.
  • try different grids (in v6 the snapping was better with coarse grid - I choosed always 1mm). But it could be that the combination grid size <-> snapping distance was changed for v7.
  • possible workaround for your existing board: use the direct coordinate input for lines
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@tormyvancool Perhaps you are not alone :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :slight_smile: I joined. Today I got the same issue on other 2 projects …

and do not speaking about these:

It looks like some compatibility test was missed.
I can’t wait for an urgent 7.0.1

yes …; I see that the library I added, now it’s missed … I have the instinct to uninstall everything and stop. All projects are f*cked up

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