Pcbnew doesn't import dxf


your dxf has overlapping segments… remove them and it should work


Thanks maui. It worked. Now it is good.


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I have KiCad 4.0.7, 32bit version on Windows. The DXF file also does not import at all - after selecting the import file, nothing happens, in both canvasses.

Reading this discussion, I figured out that the problem is in international characters in path. The language of my system is Czech.

The path of the mentioned file was: C:\Dokumenty\Projekty\Ramování_GPA_AP30\deska_robot.dxf

Notice the “á” and “í” in the path.

When I copy that file to different directory, that does not contains only US-ASCII characters, then it works fine.


I had the same issue and it was a non ASCII character in the file name.
Win10 64bit KiCad 4.0.7