PCBNew Ctrl-Click (select net) is broken!

I just installed 5.1.9 - 1 over previous 5.4 (I think) and the Ctril-Click feature is broken. It does not highlight the net like it always has. Is this a bug or a feature? Maybe there is a new way to select an entire net that is not obvious (nothing pops up on the menu when I right click).
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I don’t remember ever using ctrl click so don’t know if it worked like that but you can use backtick ` key (directly under escape) to enable net highlight tool and click on any pad/track. If you already have a connected item selected, pressing backtick will highlight it’s net.

Thank - yep, that does the same thing, But I wonder why they changed ctrl-click? It’s going to take me a while to get used to the new way. Thanks.

Ctrl-click is the macOS equivalent of right-click (a holdover from when Mac mice had but a single button)

Ctrl-click was indeed used to quick higlight current track.
But because there was an issue with handling ALT key in windows (specifically, alt+click to force display disambugation menu) the developers changed the combination to using Ctrl.
For some time, it was not working at all:

… but the functionality was restored in form of Ctrl+Shitf+click (at least in Testing and Nightly; not sure if it’s already in stable 5.1.9).
But over time it was not available I was used to using the “backtick”. In fact, I missed the Ctlr+Click mainly becaue did not know the backtick existed :wink:
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Ctrl-shift-click works on windows, 5.1.9.

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