PCBNew crash on delete footprint text

Tested on Kicad 5.1.5-133 [pre-5.1.6]
PCBNew crashes to me when I delete Footprint texts.
Steps to reproduce:

  • place footprint on PCB
  • edit footprint
  • add Text field by clicking “+” Button in footprint properties
  • click OK to close footprint properties window
  • edit footprint, click Update footprint from Library, do not enable any Update text options
  • click Apply, Close
  • edit fooptrint again
  • remove the text field added previously before upate footprint by clicking the Bin icon
  • click OK – PCBNew closes silently

Crashes on Win10 64, and on Mac Catalina.


And already confirmed. Hopefully it is a KiCad bug, not a third part library and a quick fix is possible.

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