PCBnew - Changing multiple items


In PCBnew, how can I change some properties (layer, width… of multiple items (tracks or drawing elements.)

Sometimes when I have a design near finished, I widen lots of thin tracks to optimize width as I know what space left.

eg: In another PCB program, to make identical other side tracks for current carrying I used to…
Select group of tracks,
Copy, Edit layer change, apply,
Paste, now have 2 layers with same tracks.

I understand I can edit pcb file manually but it can be tricky identifying the tracks to change.

Feature request:
Maybe it could be done with the property menu & just enable options that can be changed.



At least in the Modern OpenGL accelerated canvas/toolset you can select more than one track segment and change the width in Properties.

The developers have anticipated some kind of property system and maybe sheet-like property editor for the future version 6. Then this kind of editing could be possible for even different kinds of objects.


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