Pcbnew canvas differences

Starting this topic to list the different behaviour of Default and OpenGL canvas (and Cairo if anybody uses it)

By @1.21Gigawatts
Here’s a list of some of the missing/inconsistent features between default canvas and OpenGL canvas.

  1. While routing a track backspace does not undo the last corner.
  2. With the track/via tool selected delete/backspace do not delete tracks/segments.
  3. With the track/via tool selected Undo does not work from either the Edit menu or CTRL+Z.
  4. With no tool selected (selecting the arrow from the top of the tool bar) backspace still does nothing but delete will delete track segments, not the whole track.
  5. With no tool selected “Break Track”, “Select Working Layer”, etc. are missing from context menu when right-clicking on an empty area.
  6. “Break Track”, “Set Flags”, etc. missing from the context menu when right-clicking on a track.

Line editing in Default is by right click, edit “E”
In OpenGL it is still “E”, but called properties

Item #5 above should have read … “Begin Track”, …

As for the “Set Flags” item I think this should now be in the track properties dialog like it is for footprints.

Yes, in default, you first have to right-click and then press ‘E’, you can’t select the item from the context menu, you also can’t just press ‘E’ while hovering over a track. That much at least works as expected in OpenGL.

Unless otherwise stated the items above list useful features that are in the default canvas but missing from OpenGL canvas, or don’t function the same as they did in the default canvas.

Some of the items above are minor inconveniences, such as “Begin Track” missing from the context menu as there are others ways to accomplish the same thing. But others, most?, are far more annoying. For instance I’m not aware of any way to break tracks in the OpenGL canvas.

Just add all those inconsistencies as separate bugs into the bugtracker

And then some links to them would be nice so the devs get an idea what is most pressing through other people voting on them :wink:

I was just about to post about being able to delete tracks and undo last operations in the OpenGL mode and I saw this.