Pcbnew API compatibility v4 and v5


I have python script I developed way back in 2017 in Kicad 4.x version to create pdf from pcb layout. Now that version 5 is out and seems to be stable, I want to upgrade my v4. What I dont want is to spend days reworking my script to find out that some feature from API is not supported anymore…
Is there any document where I can check exposed API functions and parameters to see whether there are many changes and if my code will work on v5?

I ran my script on newly exported .pcb file (v5) and it failed on getting edge coordinates, which is basically first call I do :slight_smile: I did expect difference in file format, but then I am wondering how many there are…

To the best of my knowledge there isn’t one. Currently python API is just a wrapper around pcbnew internal data structures. They organically evolve and API changes with them, sometimes in incompatible ways. Nobody keeps track of such things because python API compatibility is not a priority to devs.

That said, there weren’t a lot of breaking changes between v4 and v5, I’ve managed to keep my scripts compatible with both versions with just a few hacks.

This is the reason, I haven’t able to fully move to 5.x version. All my script need to be redo, with days of work time again! So, I’m as well watching and searching for easier path :slight_smile: . Specially the testing part is take a most of time. I did not have enough luxury to create test cases at the same time need to have my project going for meeting the schedule!

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