Pcbnew 7.0.0-rc: item type 'Text' not working for knockout texts in the 'background area' in DRC rule

@JeffYoung Not sure if this is a bug.

I have a custom designed rule to avoid vias to be covered by silkscreen:

#make sure silkscreen text does not overlap vias
(rule silk2via
	(severity warning)
	(constraint silk_clearance (min 0.15mm))
	(condition "(A.Type=='Via')&&((B.Type=='Graphic')||(B.Type=='Text'))&&(!A.insideArea('silk_ok'))")

Fails here:


Works here:


Bug in KiCad or in my rule?

I hope it is a bug. It is about time you found another! :grin:

Hmmm… I suspect the rules engine doesn’t know about knock-out text. Let me look into it…

That’s what I suspected. Special case in the type==‘Text’ detection.
If you want me to file a bug, please advise.

If you want me to file a bug, please advise.

Ehh… I’ll have it fixed by then. :wink:

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Ok, forgot it’s you :smile:


@JeffYoung FWIW, did a private build and am getting an exception

Call stack


That’s not in an area I changed, so my guess is that your build is borked. Try doing a clean and a full rebuild.

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