PcbNew 6.99 Viewport considerations

Having viewports now is really convenient.

Viewports can be saved using an already existing name, currently effecting nothing.
IMHO it would be nice to have a “Viewport already defined” nag screen with “Overwrite” and “Abort” actions, enabling overwriting existing viewports.

Now something VERY nit-picky. After selecting a viewport in the Layer Manager’s “Viewports” pane, the viewport’s name is shown throughout. Any zooming/panning operation technically invalidates that.
I’m not sure about alternatives, but perhaps having only a dropdown arrow aside “Viewports (Alt+ Tab)”, dropping down the selection list which closes/disappears after selection would be an idea.


How about “Dumb questions”: What is a viewport? I have been pretty happy with the 5.99 nightlies, but I think I want to stick with them for at least a while before jumping into 6.99.

In 6.99 users can define viewports. A viewport basically is the PCB portion you see when defining it as far as position and zoom factor are concerned. That enables jumping to different places without having to zoom/pan there by mouse/trackball movements.
Of course there still are the movements required to select a viewport, but maybe there will be hotkeys for that. I don’t know. Useful? We will see …

Thanks. That sounds good.

Yes I guess it may be useful, or it might be mostly “feature-itis”?

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