Pcbnew 5.99 plugin issue [SOLVED]

I’m porting my RF-Tools plugins to k v5.99
Almost of the job is done, but I’m having an issue with the Trace Clearance Generator (to generate a copper pour keepout for a selected trace).
I’m having this error:

Exception on python action plugin code
[Main Instruction]
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:/Users/Maui/Documents/KiCad/5.99/scripting\plugins\RF-tools-KiCAD-maui\trace_clearance\trace_clearance.py", line 96, in Run
    set_keepouts(pcb, tracks, clearance)

  File "C:/Users/Maui/Documents/KiCad/5.99/scripting\plugins\RF-tools-KiCAD-maui\trace_clearance\trace_clearance.py", line 163, in set_keepouts

  File "C:\KiCad-v6-nightly\lib\python3.8\site-packages\pcbnew.py", line 12422, in AddPolygon
    return _pcbnew.ZONE_AddPolygon(self, *args)

TypeError: Wrong number or type of arguments for overloaded function 'ZONE_AddPolygon'.
  Possible C/C++ prototypes are:
    ZONE::AddPolygon(std::vector< wxPoint,std::allocator< wxPoint > > &)
    ZONE::AddPolygon(SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN const &)

It seems that calling the SHAPE_LINE_CHAIN_Append(self, *args) function doesn’t accept the parameters as it did on kicad v5.1
here the referring code:

Is there something I’m missing or this is an issue to rise at the kv5.99 repo?

I’m not sure about the python specifically, but may I suggest using the custom DRC system introduced in v5.99?

It is cleaner than drawing a keepout area around a track because it will ensure that if you modify the track, the clearance will be maintained.

I don’t see anything missing. You are passing the std::vector<wxPoint> reference, which should be accepted. Please report this

with this plugin you can change (increase) a segment of a track clearance… afaik this is not possible in kv5.99

thanks for your feedback, I’ll do at gl

I’ve done it

Thanks (@craftyjon) Jon for suggesting the changes to the calls for kv5.99
I’m closing this as solved.