Pcbnew 5.99 grids


Just a quick request plz, can you put back “Grid: 0.0635mm”

thank you.

A quick calculation tells me that is 2.500 mils. I use 5.99 but I would have nothing to do with implementing or deciding not to implement your request. However I wonder why you particularly like that grid setting? Or is it just one which you have come to rely on out of habit?

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I used it in 5.x, simpler that you have thought, I presume…

Open pcbnew.json in your config dir, find window > grid > sizes, insert “0.635 mm” in the list


It seems all the predefined grids in inches of v5.1 have been multiplied by 10 in v5.99.

I usually work in mm but sometimes I switch to inches. I do not see very useful a one inch=1000 mils grid. In my opinion a 100 mils grid is enough.

Anyway, it is a matter of taste.

I tried adding to the list C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\kicad\5.99\pcbnew.json, but the change doesn’t appear in the list of grids as running pcbnew the file is modified and the new sizes disappear.

Let me look in to that…

Thanks for pointing out the location that folder. I was looking for it.

I am using 5.99 and I experimentally added 0.02 mm and 2.5 mil to the list. Then launched KiCad pcbnew and did not see either of my entries in the context menu. NOTE: See my screem shot. While the list in the text file says “mils” for the inch measurements, the context menu uses decimal inches. This suggests to me that I edited the wrong thing…

It does not work. See https://gitlab.com/kicad/code/kicad/-/issues/7595

The unit used for the imperial measures in the menu is determined by if you are in the mils or inches unit mode on the canvas (or if you are in mm, then which one was the last imperial unit selected). We have changed this in 5.99 so mils are a standalone unit from inches.

Thanks. This is all kind of confusing to me, but I am not a software person and my fully understanding it is not critical. I had assumed that if the text file called the units “garks” then that might show up in the grid selection context menu; except for the fact that KiCad is also doing some units conversion somehow.

Another thing I wondered:

If it mattered whether the xxx was (my name) or (Default) or (Default User) or (Public) or (All Users)

another thing that came to my mind, why keep/add 0.0508mm and drop 0.0635mm after all :confused: