Pcb track finish... wishlist

I’m new user of KiCad,and I try to find how it posible to finished pcb tracks , that not round but flat or trapezoidal (like in pads config)… this is very helpful for HF bords. How to puts this to wish list?


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At the moment the best thing to do is add a ‘footprint’ which is a trapezoidal pad and run your trace to that. Changing the shape of the track’s end at the moment is out of the question since that makes the data structures unnecessarily complex and only to provide a feature which very few designers will use. For RF specific items it is better to have specialized tools and there are plans for such things; maybe one day we’ll have mitered bends and the option of a flat end on a track, but that depends on some developers dedicating some time to writing the code.

Thank you “cbernardo” ,
but also problem with filed zone which not proper connected from pad to pad and not possible to built some polygon from big pad to small pad… or built simple polygon on copper layers - is not allowed!
(I’m not possible to load some picture about this)
Regards to all…

just post a link to the picture…