PCB to fit current enclosure layout

I currently have an enclosure layout (bunch of enclosures already drilled out), but I am using 3 PCBs in order to populate the enclosure and I want to convert from the 3 PCBS to 1 or 2. The primary effect PCB has a set layout already for the pots, etc and a separate PCB has switching and LED layout. So I would like to consolidate those into one PCB. Is there a way I could bring a drill template directly into KiCad to layout all the pots, switches, and LEDS, etc in the correct place? I can export a drill template in multiple formats from my graphics program, but would like to use it to overlay temporarily on a new larger PCB in order to get the components in the right place. Your thoughts appreciated.

Pcbnew / File / Import / Import Graphics

If you’re into FreeCAD, then it might also be worth to look into the “StepUp Workbench”.

It also works the other way. You can directly output a .STEP file from Pcbnew to verify if your PCB fits in your enclosure
Pcbnew / File / Export / STEP …

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Another approach (and there are several others)…

This is simple - perhaps just what you want if using the Drill files…

Example shows Two different Drill files loaded into GBRviewer (the GBR Icon)

They’re loaded into different layers I selected for clarity.
Then, in GBRview: File>Export_to_PCBnew

Open the Exported PCBnew file
(Select the layers to import them to…)

You can group or individually select items to Move them…

Draw a PCB Edge Cuts/etc… Add other items…etc

Example shown…

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