PCB Tinning Solution - Homemade

Though Not specifically ‘Kicad’ related, those who do make their own PCB’s know that Tinning is important for good solderability and corrosion protection.

Tinning Solution cost is high (screenshot example) but, a few years ago, I discovered a video showing how you can make your own.

I did a few tests and, Preparing to make some more, I posted this YouTube video that may be of interest (click the Ellipse’s and read the full Description)

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I cannot see the video. Only this still image is shown, not clear what to do:

My video is just a 10 second view of my results so…
Click the Ellipse’s and read the description - there’s a Link to the Video that I based the Tinning solution from…

Because my vid is short, YouTube automatically made it one of their “Short” vid’s

Now that I spilled the solution on my recipe and needed to print a new one, I thought I may as well post it here…

Make the “Tin Chloride” solution
• 1 gr, Lead-Free Tin Solder (containing at least 95% or more Tin )

• 10 ml, of 30% Hydrochloric Acid

It will bubble hydrogen as the Tin dissolves.
• Leave overnight in (preferably) warm ventilated area - NOT indoors as it gives off Hydrogen Gas

• Next Day: Pour off the Clear Supernatent into 100ml of commercial metal polish (such as Tarn-X) that contains Thiourea (or, buy Thiourea and use: 5gr per 100ml of Water plus, 1gr Sulfuric Acid)

Now, you can use it to Tin the copper on the PCB: Pour it in container and Agitate for about 4+ Minutes until it’s Tinned… Rinse off with warm water. And, first Clean the Copper first and light Steel-Wool/other…


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