PCB, Schematics Editor hangs when using dual monitor

I have never experienced this before but happend recently with new desktop setup.
My new system is as below
CPU: i9 12900KF
OS: Win 11 Pro 64bit 22H2
RAM: 32G
GPU: nvidia RTX3090 with latest driver 456.71
KiCAD version : 6.0.7 and 6.0.8

Monitor 1: DP, 1920x1080
Monitor 2: HDMI, 2560x1440

Step to reproduce the issue

  1. Open any kicad_pro or create new kicad_pro in one monitor.
  2. Move the KiCad main program to another monitor.
  3. Try to open kicad_sch or kicad_pcb file
  4. Program not responding with below window opened.

Whenever this happens, I have to force close the app.
To avoid this crash, I have to open the project in the same monitor I would like to open then close the project.
Then reopen the project and open editors.

I tried to remove APP DATA under %APPDATA%kicad but did not help.
Any solutions?

Nope, that’s a 2 year old driver.
Please try a newer one

Thanks for your comment.
Sorry I didn’t noticed and I updated to the latest driver(522.25) but the problem still exists.(Sorry for Korean)

Attached video explains how it crashes when launching from another monitor as described in the original post.

Any help would be much appreciated.

It actually turned out driver issue with nvidia gpu.
The gpu I installed is RTX3090 from GIGABYTE and the latest official driver was 496.13 which is not the latest one from nvidia’s official driver.
Don’t know why the gpu work differently when installed the latest from nvidia, error happens as soon as I installed one.