PCB Rulers for You

I haven’t seen that Pcbnew has any PCB rulers, so I’m sending this .zip file up the pipe for anyone to use.

There are 5 files in the .zip, all done in Inkscape:

  • ruler.General.white.svg (white background)
  • ruler.General.wood.svg (wooden background)
  • ruler.Ampacity.white.svg (white background)
  • ruler.Ampacity.wood.svg (wooden background)
  • ruler.worksheet.svg (worksheet for you to change/modify to make your own custom rulers)

Each ruler is 6" long, has scales for 1/10" as well as mm/cm, are accurate, and have other useful information included on each of them.

I have successfully exported the white background files as .png files from Inkscape, then used bitmap2component to convert them to .kicad_mod files and can attest that they are accurate. No scaling should need to be used with bitmap2component.


PCB Rulers.zip (1.4 MB)

Forgot to mention…
When using bitmap2component, select the option “Negative” when converting.