PCB Panel for assembly on JLCPCB


I did order a pcb assembled from JLCPCB. Since there are few components on this PCB my process to create the panel was to use “Append Board” feature on pcbnew and then create an array. After create the array I manually change each reference. Instead of 6x Y1 I now have Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6 per example.

It was possible because I only have 4 components assembled by JLCPCB on this board however on a more populated board this manually process won’t work.

How do you do that?


You don’t have to do that. You’re going to have 6x Y1 but in a different position. You can get BOM for single board from eeschema and get footprint pos file from your panel.kicad_pcb file. I automatically does the job when you upload it to JLCPCB.

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BTW there is too much wasted space on that panel

It was my first approach but I think it will not work so I didn’t try but now that you said it make sense.

5 (10x10cm)PCBs x 6 will get me more PCBs than I need :slight_smile:

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