PCB new won't recognize change in netlist

I hereby certify that I am not simply asking someone else to design a footprint for me.

Nope, no footprint needed. Somehow I have a hidden connector, I guess, in a schematic, and when I try to update the pcb from it, the pcb stubbornly refuses to see the new connections. I wanted to replace a set of (1) 12 pin and (1) 4 pin connectors with a single 16 pin header. I deleted the old symbols and tied on to the traces to the new symbol. Everything looks connected just fine on the schematic. The schematic was re-annotated and just the new header is in place. When the pcb updates from the netlist, though, the old connectors are still there and nothing is connected to the new header at all. Any ideas to try? I’ve been at this for a couple hours now.


Just FyI going through the netlist is an outdated workflow. Use the “update pcb from schematic” tool found in pcbnew. This reduces the risk of working with an outdated netlist.

If the old connectors stay on the board then you might not have selected “delete extra footprints” in the import dialog (if i remember the wording correctly – it is different in current nightly which i use).

Were there any errors reported during the import? If the new connector is placed then it should be connected even if the old ones are still there.

To ensure everything is really connected in the schematic try to drag the connector around a bit. The wires should stay attached to the pins. If they do not then this could be the reason (yes you state you checked this but did not give details as to how). Running ERC might also be an option.

I didn’t think of deleting the extra footprints, I’ll do that. I will note that something is up with the KiCad folder or something- opening eeschema and PCB New in stand-alone mode works fine but trying to open them up within a project glitches the program and I have to “Force Quit” my way out of it (I’m using Mac OS11.1)

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