PCB Manufacturer Limits

Is there any means to automate data entry of PCB manufacturer capabilities into PCB editor board setup and/or check whether the present board setup meets the PCB manufacturer capabilities?

I understand that there is an import settings tool — is there a database anywhere of import settings for JCL, PCBWay, NextPCB, Sierra, […]?

Is there a spreadsheet anywhere which compares the capabilities and notes where certain manufacturers excel or are somewhat lacking?

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A quick internet search with the magic words:

pcb order website compare

brings up a site like:

On that site (and there are probably similar sites) you enter a few basic parameters such as size, number of layers and size of smallest features, and then it spits out a rough price comparison from a lot of manufacturers.

In KiCad’s own Plugin & Content Manager there are also some plugins from at least 5 PCB manufactures. I have not done much with it, but their functionality may vary from setting up some simple parameters, to a button for a price quote for your PCB and direct ordering from within KiCad itself.

I didn’t find a database of a preformated list to download. A quick google search showed me this PCB Manufacturers - OpenCircuits (a list with some information about each listed Manufacturer, but not well formatted and i have no idea how up to date this data is.)
And i found this: The 2022 List of Top 10 Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers Serving North America - Camptech II Circuits Inc. (A short list).

Maybe you have to create your own list.

I’ve done a comparison of JLCPCB and PCBWay a while ago:

Seems lie I haven’t finished PCBWay (or couldn;t find the relevant information, can’t remember now).
I also made a KiCAD template with minimal common values for the two above PCB manufacturers, so I can use any of them if needed. Happy to share if you are interested in.

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I would be interested in from such a template.

Here it is:

Unzip it to your user template directory and choose it hen starting a new project.
Tested on a few PCB using both manufacturers, but any changes / updates are more than welcomed.

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