PCB Layout - Nested group item selection

Hi Guy’s,

I am just wondering if anyone can tell me if there is an easy what to select single nested items within a group.

Let’s say you group two footprints together a resistor and a capacitor and then you also group two transistors together. Then you group then above two groups together. So you can move them around in the board layout easily.

But, and here’s the question.
Is there an easy way to select a single element from within the group. For example, the resistors reference label from the first group.

I have used some software before that all you need to do was hold ctr and you could select easily select nested elements without having to unmake or remake groups, or in this case from what I can see enter groups over and over until you get to the element you’re interested in.


Right click on any item in the group.
Select “Enter Group”
Left click item or items to be removed
Right click again, select “Grouping” select “Remove Items”
Right click again, select “Grouping” select “Leave Group”.

You can assign hotkeys for all these functions if you intend to use them frequently.

Is there no faster way. What happens if you have an item inside a group 10 levels down that you want to move. Do you have to enter 9 groups to get there?

Sorry, I originally misread your post.

It appears you can only edit inside groups on a single level. There is no editing for nested groups according to the documentation.