PCB import error


Does anyone know what causes this please, and how to get it to work?


You have schematic project with some component(s) where Footprint field reference to library with nick name: Connect (probably Connect.pretty) which you doesn’t have in your Library Table(s).

There are two solutions:

  1. Find the problematic schematic component(s) and replace footprint association(s) from the schematic level then recreate netlist. As library name suggests, look in the connectors.
  2. Open Library Table configuration window and add Connect.pretty from GitHub or local disk if you have installed default footprint libraries.


Hi K,
I have searched my system, but can’t find the exact word ‘connect’ although I have ‘conn’ and ‘connectors’ within names.
I am only just trying to get used to the new PRETTY system, perhaps this is the problem.
I looked and did a search for the word ‘connect’ in the Kicad folder, but nothing found.
Here is the list that I used for the connector footprint.


It looks you are trying to import wrong (check file name and path) or outdated netlist (delete old one and create new for sure), or have “hidden” components (normal components set as power ports - these are not showed in CvPcb).

But for further investigation we need your complete project.

BTW: I see some associations which might cause “pin-2-pad” problems in the future. For example 7805 has TO92SGD footprint.


Hi K,
I moved things around, and got it to work from SCH to PCB, with the error that you noticed (7805) Also I don’t have the correct 18LF2520 footprint.
I may be getting the words wrong, because for me it is complicated, but i understand that this is a good system, once I practice with the changes.
I have old libraries mixed with the new once, and think i ought to start again, without the old ones, fresh.
So I’m going to delete everything and restart.
EDIT: does the new program support surface mount regulators and surface mount 18LF2520 please?
Thanks C.


The official library set has DPAK (TO-252), D2PAK (TO-263), SOT-223, SOT-89, SOIC-8 footprints. You only need to select right schematic symbol which match pad-pin numbering.
The PIC18LF2520 seems unavailable in default KiCad’s PIC18 family lib, but it’s easy to create with Library editor (from a scratch or via clone from similar component).