PCB Group/Move of an IC+Traces


I’ve read and attempted to follow all the similar group/move topics but nothing is working. Obviously, I’m still not doing it right.

Question - Is there a way to do a group move on an IC and still have all the traces remain attached? I’m able to group/move the selected traces, but the connecting traces don’t remain connected while moving. I get the white rats nest lines. :frowning:



I have not tried this myself yet with KiCad 5.x, but a friend had the same problem and IIRC he said you could do this by using (switching to) the Legacy Canvas. Apparently the Legacy Canvas can still do things that the new GL canvas cannot (no idea why, but I’m sure there are reasons).


Have you tried tab?




Hi Tonyz,

I haven’t tried anything yet. Looks like OpenGL may be what we are all looking for.




I see what you mean. Switching to legacy and ‘G’ still works to drag an IC with tracks attached (tab is just eeschema for group select drags) but only works on tracks in accelerated and fallback.