PCB filename string replacement


I would like to have a text item on my PCB with a text replacement variable that is the name of the PCB file but I couldn’t find how to do it since FILENAME isn’t part of the PCB editor (it seems) only for worksheet.

The idea would be to create a template project and use the project/pcb name to name the board automatically.

Maybe there is another way to do it?

Thank you.

I would use the title variable, this would make more sense than the filename, because sometimes the file is called “ugly_cat” so you might as well call it “ugly cat”. you use the variable ${title}

as seen here

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I thought of using title but, the idea is that when I rename my template, I give my project a name and that name is reused across all the files: schematics and PCB.
Also the Title would be the name of my entire project + the name of that specific board.

My project is a set of stackable boards with the same size, with different functions. and I prefer to have each PCBs in a different kicad project instead of one kicad project with multiple PCBs.

You could go ahead and log an enhancement request.

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