PCB File missing in STMBL Project

I just installed using apt-get install kicad onto a LinuxCNC Debian system. I then unzipped the project I downloaded from https://github.com/jmkasunich/stmbl
In that folder structure is:
And in that folder is stmbl_4.0.kicad_pcb
I can use KiCAD to access all the .sch files and even the pdf’s in the ./doc folder. But although the project file shows up the PCB file doesn’t. So I can’t look at the layout.
Is it possible that someone could try downloading the zip from https://github.com/jmkasunich/stmbl and then see if they can open it with their version of KiCAD?
It’s not totally clear whether the problem is with the KiCAD install or files in the ZIP.

I can open the project normally in kicad 4.0.6.

Simply download the v4.0 folder (with all its files) and double klick on the .pro file
(or use open project from within the kicad main window.)

You can also start pcb_new in standalone and open the pcb file that way.

Thanks. It’s 2AM here now so I’ll try again tomorrow morning. Is there a way to find out if some sort of library is missing?

PCB files include the footprints within them. So you don’t need any libs. (unless you want to modify something. But the footprints can be modified by modifying the footprints that are inside the pcb file.)

Schematics are a different story. (There the symbols are stored outside the schematic files inside the [project name]-cache.lib)

I can open the .pro document. But the PCB isn’t in the list. When I try pcb_new and then open the pcb file it doesn’t exist. Only a .kicad_pcb and that isn’t recognized.
Under menu Help I don’t see revision 4.0x All I see is build 2011.
I’ve installed using apt-get install kiCAD. Is it possible that the Debian LinuxCNC won’t install a newer version?
I’ll run a newer Linux as a Live CD tomorrow and see if that works. What Linux are you using?
Thanks for the help.

Well pre kicad 4 can not open files that are from kicad 4.
You have a kicad release that is now more than 2 years obsolete.

LinuxCNC is based upon debian. The linuxCNC version seems to be stuck at debian wheezy. (= debian 8 which is obsolete, see debian release page this means no more security updates -> unsecure operating system!!)

Sadly from the kicad download page i gather that wheezy is too old for kicad 4. (the oldest debian that has some sort of kicad 4 is the also obsolete jezzy release.)

Ah! So apt-get install after an apt-get update doesn’t install the latest release. I always thought it did. I’ll try installing the nightly Windows Build then and see if that works.