Pcb file locked error

Occasionally I get a long winded error message when I try to save a pcb. It complains it can’t remove the existing file and can’t save the new one. I have to manually delete this pcb file to allow Kicad to continue ???

Please, always copy the exact messages or take screenshots of them and paste here. It’s impossible to tell what is wrong is someone only tells there’s a “message”.

EDIT: and usually it’s recommended to copy the full version information from Help → About dialog by clicking the Copy Version Info button there. Even if you have already done that in another thread.


next time it happens ill see if I can capture more info

As eelik wrote, we can’t do much without the exact error message KiCad generated.

Are your files on a local storage medium?
I recall some problems with network shares or other remote file systems.

Yes the files are synced with Dropbox

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