PCB Editor: lost all the 3D after update to 6.0.4

After the update to 6.0.4 I lost the 3 models due a change into a variable.
Please can you help me to remind how to update this variable into old projects?
To avoid that this occurs again?


See this FAQ: 3D models are missing in 3D viewer after updating to V6

What version did you upgrade from? 5.1.x or 6.0.x?

This issue should not happen again on v6 updates. The only way I could see this happening again is if you’ve redefined the ${KISYS3DMOD} variable to be the same as ${KICAD6_3DMODEL_DIR} (which is fine, that’s an option given in the link above) and then you delete your preferences, which deletes that variable redefinition.

I updated from 6.0.2 to 6.0.4


I followed the 2nd suggestion you gave on the link you suggested and it solved the issue.
I hope it doesn’t pop up at the first update of KiCAD :slight_smile:

That should stick unless you delete your preferences (which will delete the new variable you just created). Fortunately creating the variable again is easy.

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