PCB Editor grid origin

Is there a way to set the page in PCB Editor to center on the grid origin by default?

No, the page position is (unfortunately) fixed, but you can move the grid and the drill / file origin.

You can create your own page layout (for example without title block or the thick border) and then just draw the PC anywhere you like. There has to be some graphics on the page though, because else KiCad defaults to the standard page layout. Piotr does something like this. I think he uses a small (0, 0) marker on the page layout, and that is the only graphics on the page layout he uses.

Yet another option is to set the color of the drawing sheet to an (almost) invisible color.

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That what I had figured out but thought I might be missing something.

Thanks @paulvdh for your help!

More information about the origins: Coordinate system, grid and origins in the PCB Editor

@eelik Thanks for the info

As empty page layout is replaced by default (I’ve check it with KiCad 4.0.7) I had to left there something so I left a small cross at 0,0 and still use this solution. I didn’t checked if in V6 you can have empty page layout file.
When I design PCB that has any symmetry in it I like to have absolutely 0,0 in its center. When you enter any coordinate manually you can’t enter it relative to grid origin or drill/file origin (at least in V4 it was so). It is useful when you manually enter coordinates of symmetry elements (edges, holes, …).
I also have a circular PCBs used in RFID reader mounted in an wall electrical installation box. For me having 0,0 in its center is simply the most logical solution so I use it.

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