PCB Editor Freezes in KiCad 7.0.2

Today suddenly the board editor stopped working, Schematic editor is working fine, but when I launch the PCB editor or the Footprint editor it just freezes.
I uninstalled and installed KiCad again but still the same problem.

Any Advice?


  1. Give the exact version information, preferably from Help → About → Copy Version Info.
  2. Does it happen with all projects, also when you start a new project?
  3. How far it actually can get, does it show any dialog, does it show the editor UI, does it show the “canvas” (the design view)?
  4. Does the OS process viewer show continuing activity?

In general, almost always reinstalling KiCad doesn’t help at all, in any problem. If it helps you have some other problems, like modified read-only files in Program Files or somewhere else in your system which aren’t touched by KiCad but which need system administrator privileges to be modified.

What could help is to rename the configuration folder, see Where are the configuration files (settings, library tables)?. Then you can start KiCad from scratch.

Your 99% likely fixed in the just released 7.0.5

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I had a similar problem to the OP.

7.0.5 cured the fault and explained my problem.
7.0.2 was causing the PCB editor to freeze because I failed to “save” before closing Kicad.

It was not the first time I had failed to save, but upon seeing the notice in 7.0.5-2 that I had failed to save reminded me that I had seen this notice before, but it had not shown in 7.0.2, that version freezing instead.

Hey Guys.

Installing version 7.0.5 fixed the problem.



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