PCB Editor: Board Setup: Board Finish: Copper Finish: HASL

The PCB Editor: Board Setup: Board Finish: Copper Finish: options are as follows:


HAL is an option; JCL offers HASL:


Wiki groups them; however, this site compares them, but appears to be the only reference to do so.

Am I safe to mark HAL for a HASL board?

Why do you need it to be HASL?

Multi-cb uses the same technology for both terms. https://www.multi-circuit-boards.eu/glossar/HAL.html

In the end, you have to ask the manufacturer about it to be sure.

I was trying to set the board to the manufacturer settings; here, leaded HASL is the only option for their prototype discount.

Is it more common to mark the board as Not Specified and allow the manufacturer to use whatever was specified in the purchase order?

Those options make it into the Gerber job file but many manufacturers don’t use a job file and require you to specify the finish on the order form.

I normally don’t care about this settings in the Gerber and neither do manufacturers. It is rather an option when you order them.

If you don’t have any special requirements, just use Not specified or select HAL.

Also, this HAL specifically mentions the solder alloy, which implies that there is solder used, the S in HASL. TL;DR: There is no difference.