PCB Editor 6.0 milling

I have to route a PCB where I have to make some milling, but I couldn’t find the function to do it.
I could use the Edge.Cuts layer but it is extremely complex having to make curved millings with various angles.
Is there such a function?
Thank you

I just use a dedicated layer and draw the lines with the width of 2mm where the milling should occur. I name the layer correspondingly and inform the PCB-manufacturer about it.
For the Edge.Cuts, i approximate it as close i need it for my CAD.

  • special function for milling: no
  • advice from @johannespfister: works (also used that, but requires the additional information for the pcb-house)
  • edge.cuts is in principle a good and working choice. Advantage is: the resulting milling is contained in the standard gerber files
  • You are right regarding the drawing tools, they are best suited for simple shapes
  • For complex shapes (there is always the question: are the complex shapes really needed?) it’s a recommendation to use a special mechanical CAD-tool (I use QCAD, often Freecad is mentioned) and import the shape as dxf (or SVG).

Just for info, I already used milling since version 4 and it is not that difficult, use the obvious “Edge.Cuts” layer because where you mill it is obvious there is “no board”, just air… :wink:
You can do it readily in PCB Editor but for more detailed and complex shapes I use Affinity Designer, I know it is NOT opensource but it is dirt cheap. I used CorelDRAW in a former life professionally and was very proficient with it but after retirement it was really too expensive for me on Mac. But Affinity is a good replacement although it is not available on “XXnix”.
I include a pic and a test I just made with it for demo.
Kicad SVG test.zip (2.5 MB)

Thanks everyone for the replies.
I understood that there isn’t “function/layer” dedicated to millings.
In the specific case of this PCB, but in general in many boards, I happen to have to make non-linear milling with complex shapes.
I will follow your advice using a mechanical cad; if so how is it possible to place the millings in the right positions?
Thank you

P.S. Since many routing programs have the milling, it could be an improvement for the next version

how is it possible to place the millings in the right positions?

For v6:
The dxf-import uses a non-predictive grabbing-point at insertion time. So for exact placement draw an additional circle/line in your dxf to use as grabbing-point for movement of the whoole dxf-shape after import into kicad. (you could use move/copy with reference-point).

For v7 the dxf-import uses always the leftmost point in the dxf as grabbing-point, so you can directly import the dxf to your required destination-coordinate.

All clear, thank you very much

You didn’t indicate how you’re going to Mill the shape.
Thus, it’s Worth noting (and, you may already know this): CNC software, including the ‘Path’ workbench in FreeCAD, often enables selecting how the Bit follows the Lines (inside, outside, on-line-center). Works for PCB Shape/Contour and Cutouts…

Outcome/Results may be important for your design. I use CopperCAM for milling PCB’s - screenshot below shows Selection popup…

EDIT: Amusing myself and, Because I posted re FreeCAD’s Path Workbench, and having just updated FreeCAD to 20.2 and doing some confirmation tests to see what’s ‘Broken’ in this version (yeah, same Open-Source scenario as with Kicad; broken, then works, broken, then works…)
This Video example shows my Guitar Pickguard as machined on CNC Mill using Gcode generated from the Path Workbench. Path workbench keeps improving.

Profiling a PCB is the same as for Pickguard - example shows shape profile and Holes (similar operation as if milling Slots/Cutouts in PCB)

Results after adding trim:

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