PCB edge-straddling connector footprints

I have used commercial devices such as these

that straddle a connector along the edge of a PCB, so that half the pins are on the top side, and the rest are on the bottom.

I am new to KiCad, and would like to know the following:

  1. Is there a standard term to describe this connector straddling?
  2. Are there existing footprint libraries that support this, specifically for DSUB and JTAG connectors?


I’ve never needed it but you got me curious. The basic concept is supported as you can assign a pad to different copper layers.

See: Connectors:DB25M_CI

There are connectors in the lib that do this. I know of one in connectors_USB.
I don’t think there are subd connectors.

Jtag is a protocol not a connector type.


Thanks for the info. It looks like there are edge-mount variants for most
of the common D-sub varieties.
All the D-subs with the “_CI” suffix appear to be edge-straddling.

For the JTAG connectors, I’ll probably build something similar from the
Connectors_Multicomp library,
unless someone points out an existing footprint I can use.

Thanks again.

SMA connectors can do this as well

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